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The Value of Seeing Wisely: A Western Pediatrician’s First Day of Rounds in a Tanzanian Hospital

By Tony Bartelme To Carin’s eyes, some of the children looked as if they wouldn’t last the night; rail thin, they had the faraway gazes of prison inmates. A few children did indeed look well, b... [read more]

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Why Beacon Press Took the Risk to Publish “The Pentagon Papers”

By Allison Trzop On August 17, 1971, Beacon publicly announced that it would publish The Pentagon Papers. Nobody on staff was naive about what such a commitment entailed: “A Beacon spokesman said... [read more]

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For Colored Girls Who Were Mistaken for the Nanny By a Public Who Didn’t Know Enough

By Lori L. Tharps By now you’ve probably seen the video. The one of White American South Korean expert Robert Kelly being interrupted by his two children while he was in the middle of a live inte... [read more]

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Understanding Trumpism

By Arlene Stein Trump, the presidential candidate, was basically a “paleoconservative. ” He adhered to nationalism, free markets, and moral traditionalism. He supported a strident form of anti-... [read more]

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The Trump Administration, Bathroom Litigation, and the Future of LGBT Rights

By Carlos A. Ball Grimm’s lawsuit, and other cases like it such as the challenge to North Carolina’s so-called transgender bathroom law (also known as House Bill 2), is of great importance, bec... [read more]

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